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Name Location Email Research Area
Alisa Cario HSRF 123 Alisa Cario's Email

The structural-functional relationship of the microtubule associated protein Tau
Haein Kim HSRF 123
Haein Kim's Email

Molecular control of microtubule dynamics by kinesin-like motor proteins
Dominique Lessard HSRF 123
Dominique Lessard's Email

Regulatory effects of tau on kinesin motors in axonal transport
Andrew Lombardo HSRF 115
Andrew Lombardo's Email

Myosin movement
Leslie Sepaniac HSRF 123
Leslie Sepaniac's Email

Cell division and micronuclei formation as a consequence of chromosome misalignment
Jamie Stern HSRF 123
Jamie Stern's Email

The effect of phosphorylation on the structure and function of the microtubule associated protein Tau
Alex Thompson HSRF 123
Alex Thompson's Email

Kinesin Motors in Mitosis


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