Amy Li, Ph.D.

Amy  Li, Ph.D.


I studied Physiology and Psychology at the University of Sydney, and in 2011, I received my BSc (Hons 1) in the Discipline of Anatomy & Histology. In 2016 I defended my thesis on the mechanical properties of diseased heart tissue from cardiomyopathy patients carrying mutations of the sarcomere. In 2016, I moved to the University of Vermont as a Post-doctoral fellow to examine the role of skeletal Myosin Binding Protein C.


HSRF 115

HSRF 115

Lab Group

A member of the David Warshaw Laboratory

Research Description

Striated muscle expresses three isoforms of myosin binding protein C (MyBP-C) that are critical regulators of contractility. Cardiac MyBP-C behaves as a molecular break or gas-pedal under distinct physiological conditions, and disruptions to these processes leads to disease. While its role in cardiac muscle has been extensively investigated, our understanding of what MyBP-C does in skeletal muscle remains unclear. Of particular interest is the recent discovery that a sub-set of muscular dystrophy patients carry mutations in skeletal MyBP-C. My research aims to characterize the expression, localization and function of skeletal MyBP-C using a compliment of biochemical and biophysical approaches.