Guy Kennedy

Guy  Kennedy,

Research Engineer


HSRF 115

Lab Group

A member of the David Warshaw Laboratory

Research Description

My goal is to design, develop, fabricate and support world class microscopy systems for research in molecular physiology. Our research demands high sensitivity with fast temporal and precise spatial resolution. These systems include integrated Laser Optical Tweezers with dual color Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRFM) along with single molecule detection, manipulation and tracking capabilities. Mechanical measurements of pico-newton force, nanometer displacement, and pico-newtons/ nanometer stiffness are used to address questions in single molecules. These techniques are applied to protein ensembles, intercellular dynamics, and molecular protein- protein interactions. High speed fluorescent imaging of single molecule dynamics are possible using state of the art ICCD cameras with TIR and far field illumination. Recent initiatives include high speed 3D tracking, STORM, and PALM Super Resolution microscopy. Myosin, Kinesin, C-Protein, Actin, Microtubules and other Cytoskeletal proteins are studied with our techniques.

Current Publications:

Groves A, Kihara Y, Jonnalagadda D, Rivera R, Kennedy G, Mayford M, Chun J (2018) A Functionally Defined In Vivo Astrocyte Population Identified by c-Fos Activation in a Mouse Model of Multiple Sclerosis Modulated by S1P Signaling: Immediate-Early Astrocytes (ieAstrocytes). eNeuro 5(5): .

Toh JWT, Phan K, Ctercteko G, Pathma-Nathan N, El-Khoury T, Richardson A, Morgan G, Tang R, Zeng M, Donovan S, Chu D, Kennedy G, Hitos K (2018) The role of mechanical bowel preparation and oral antibiotics for left-sided laparoscopic and open elective restorative colorectal surgery with and without faecal diversion. Int J Colorectal Dis 33(12): 1781-1791.

Carchman E, Chu DI, Kennedy GD, Morris M, Dakermandji M, Monson JRT, Fernandez LM, Perez RO, Fichera A, Allaix ME, Liska D (2018) SSAT State-of-the-Art Conference: Advances in the Management of Rectal Cancer. J Gastrointest Surg : .

Aitchison RT, Ward L, Kennedy GJ, Shu X, Mansfield DC, Shahani U (2018) Measuring visual cortical oxygenation in diabetes using functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Acta Diabetol 55(11): 1181-1189.

Laali KK, Greves WJ, Zwarycz AT, Correa Smits SJ, Troendle FJ, Borosky GL, Akhtar S, Manna A, Paulus A, Chanan-Khan A, Nukaya M, Kennedy GD (2018) Synthesis, Computational Docking Study, and Biological Evaluation of a Library of Heterocyclic Curcuminoids with Remarkable Antitumor Activity. ChemMedChem 13(18): 1895-1908.

Kennedy GT, Ukert BD, Predina JD, Newton AD, Kucharczuk JC, Polsky D, Singhal S (2018) Implications of Hospital Volume on Costs Following Esophagectomy in the United States. J Gastrointest Surg 22(11): 1845-1851.

Ben-Mahmoud S, Smeda JR, Chappell TM, Stafford-Banks C, Kaplinsky CH, Anderson T, Mutschler MA, Kennedy GG, Ullman DE (2018) Acylsugar amount and fatty acid profile differentially suppress oviposition by western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis, on tomato and interspecific hybrid flowers. PLoS One 13(7): e0201583.


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