Guy Kennedy

Guy  Kennedy,

Research Engineer


HSRF 115

Lab Group

A member of the David Warshaw Laboratory

Research Description

My goal is to design, develop, fabricate and support world class microscopy systems for research in molecular physiology. Our research demands high sensitivity with fast temporal and precise spatial resolution. These systems include integrated Laser Optical Tweezers with dual color Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRFM) along with single molecule detection, manipulation and tracking capabilities. Mechanical measurements of pico-newton force, nanometer displacement, and pico-newtons/ nanometer stiffness are used to address questions in single molecules. These techniques are applied to protein ensembles, intercellular dynamics, and molecular protein- protein interactions. High speed fluorescent imaging of single molecule dynamics are possible using state of the art ICCD cameras with TIR and far field illumination. Recent initiatives include high speed 3D tracking, STORM, and PALM Super Resolution microscopy. Myosin, Kinesin, C-Protein, Actin, Microtubules and other Cytoskeletal proteins are studied with our techniques.

Current Publications:

Lummis NC, Sánchez-Pavón P, Kennedy G, Frantz AJ, Kihara Y, Blaho VA, Chun J (2019) LPA1/3 overactivation induces neonatal posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus through ependymal loss and ciliary dysfunction. Sci Adv 5(10): eaax2011.

Kennedy GT, Hill CM, Huang Y, So A, Fosnot J, Wu L, Farrar JT, Tchou J (2019) Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol reduces perioperative narcotic requirement and length of stay in patients undergoing mastectomy with implant-based reconstruction. Am J Surg : .

Odedra A, Lalloo DG, Kennedy G, Llewellyn S, McCarthy JS (2019) Safety and effectiveness of apheresis in the treatment of infectious diseases: a systematic review. J Infect : .

Andersen S, Staudacher H, Weber N, Kennedy G, Varelias A, Banks M, Bauer J (2019) Pilot study investigating the effect of enteral and parenteral nutrition on the gastrointestinal microbiome post-allogeneic transplantation. Br J Haematol : .

Pani E, Kennedy G, Zheng X, Ukert B, Jarrar D, Gaughan C, Pechet T, Kucharczuk J, Singhal S (2019) Factors associated with nodal metastasis in 2-centimeter or less non-small cell lung cancer. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg : .

Khammo N, Chesters D, Goldstone L, Kennedy G, Buckley C (2019) A prospective study using image analysis to assess the efficacy of a topical treatment kit for mild onychomycosis. Mycoses : .

Wiener JG, Gunnells D, Wood L, Chu DI, Cannon J, Kennedy GD, Morris MS (2019) Early removal of catheters in an Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP) with intrathecal opioid injection does not affect postoperative urinary outcomes. Am J Surg : .


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