Christine Nolan, undergrad in the Radermacher lab, received Presidential Scholar Award at the 2015 M&M meeting.

ChristineMSAawardsmChristine Nolan, undergraduate student in the laboratory of Michael Radermacher, received an 2015 M&M Meeting/ Presidential Scholar Award, for her paper entitled:  “3D Reconstruction of Mitochondrial Complex I Analyzed After Biogenesis in the Absence of Assembly Factor N7BML (NDUFAF2)”; (CT Nolan, K Kmita, V Zickemann, T Ruiz, M Radermacher).
The award is sponsored by the Microscopy Society of America (MSA).Image(courtesy of J. Mansfield): from left to right are: John Mansfield, President of MSA, Christine Nolan, and Thomas Kelly, President MAS.