Awards to High School and Undergrad research projects in the Stumpff lab

  • Kelly Xu, a South Burlington high school student and daughter of Yuan Wang, won a gold medal (given to the top 9 or 10 projects at any grade level out of about 200) and was selected as one of the top 3 presenters overall at the Vermont STEM Fair on March 24th for her work on the effects of chromosome alignment on nuclear shape with Leslie Sepaniac.
  • Carolyn Marquis, an MMG Junior at UVM, was awarded a nationally competitive, NSF-funded Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SNURF) to support her work in the Stumpff lab this summer.
  • Lisa Wood, a UVM senior in the Stumpff lab, was recently awarded the Lucille P. Markey Outstanding Senior in Molecular Genetics Prize from the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics for her thesis work, “Testing the Effects of the Inhibition of Kinesin Motor Proteins on the Proliferation of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells.”