We prepare detailed handouts to accompany our lectures. We have appended a list of textbooks and monographs that we recommend for alternate treatments of subject matter, deeper reading in subject areas, and reference. For the EKG lectures, we recommend that you buy or borrow a copy of Rubin’s “Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s”.

We do not require purchase of a general text or any of the other monographs. We will put department copies of the recommended texts on reserve in the library. Many students are able to do well using their lecture notes, handouts, and library reserve texts for reference; others find a good general text to be a worthwhile investment for reference now and later.

Recommended Books

General Textbook

All available general texts of physiology have some sections that are better than others. The following text offers a reasonably even, high quality treatment of the subject matter in a format that is less daunting than many large general texts:

Human Physiology
Silverthorn, DU
Pearson Education, San Francisco, CA
5th Edition, 2010

The following “little” Berne and Levy is also on reserve in the library. It is less formidable than the above “big” Berne and Levy, but it will be less useful to you for reference later.

Principles of Physiology
Berne, RM, and Levy, MN
C. V. Mosby, St. Louis
2nd Edition, 1996
ISBN 0-8151-0523-1

The combined cost of these is more than for a single general text, but they are excellent.
Gastrointestinal Physiology
Johnson, LR
Mosby Year Book, St. Louis
5th Edition November 1996
ISBN 0-8151-4934-4 $29.95
Respiratory Physiology
West, JB
Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore
5th Edition, 1995
ISBN 0-683-08937-4 $27.00
Renal Function
Valtin, H
Little, Brown, and Co., Boston
3rd Edition, 1995 $31.95
Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s
Rubin, D.
Cover Publishing Co.
5th Edition, 1996
ISBN 0-912912-01-4 $29.99
Cardiovascular Physiology
Berne, RM, and Levy, MN
C. V. Mosby, St. Louis
7th Edition, December 1996
ISBN 0-8151-0901-6 $35.95
(Note that this book is essentially the same as the cardiovascular section of the general text “Physiology” by the same authors.)