Upcoming Events in the Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Department

Date Speaker Title Location
4/30/2018 Scott Gerber, Ph.D.
Dartmouth College
Global Assessment of PLK1 Network Dynamics Identifies Inhibition of PP6 as a Mechanism to Promote Aurora A Activity HSRF 400
5/7/2018 Kristen Verhey, Ph.D.
University of Michigan Medical School
Structural and functional diversity across the kinesin superfamily. HSRF 400

Past Events in the Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Department

Date Speaker Title Location
4/23/2018 Jonathan King
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Function and Assembly of the Human TriC/CCCT Chaperonin That Folds Cytoskeletal Proteins HSRF 400
4/9/2018 Benjamin Miller
Colorado State University
Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Slowed Aging: Why Cell Proliferation Matters HSRF 400
3/23/2018 Brandon Bensel
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
The Kinesin-2 KIF3C Imparts Unique Stepping Characteristics to KIF3AC HSRF 200
3/21/2018 Jamie Stern
THESIS DEFENSE: Single Molecule Imaging Reveals Tau Structure and Function on the Microtubule Surface MEC 200
2/26/2018 Meredith Weck
Vanderbilt University
Mechanisms of myosin-7b function in brush border assembly HSRF 400
2/13/2018 Andrew Lombardo
THESIS DEFENSE: Cargo Transport by Myosin Va Molecular Motors Within Three-Dimensional In Vitro Models of the Intracellular Actin Cytoskeletal Network MEC 200
2/5/2018 Jonathan Kirk
Loyola University Chicago
Cardiac Dyssynchrony, the Myofilament, and GSK-3B: The Good, The Bad, and The Oxford Comma. HSRF 400
1/22/2018 Anne Murphy
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Functional studies of Troponin I C-terminal phosphorylation and other proteomic adventures HSRF 400
1/8/2018 Arne Gennerich
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Single-Molecule Dissection Of Cytoplasmic Dynein Tension Sensing And Force Generation HSRF 400
12/18/2017 Sakthivel Sadayappan
University of Cincinnati
Molecular Aspects of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Populations of US-South Asian Descendants HSRF 400
12/11/2017 Jianing Li
Capturing the Multiscale Dynamics of Complex Biophysical Systems HSRF 400
12/1/2017 Matthew Tyska
Vanderbilt University
Building the brush border: shaping the cell surface with motors and adhesion. Trapp Family Lodge
11/30/2017 Sanford Bernstein
San Diego State University
Unraveling Myosinopathy Mechanisms Trapp Family Lodge
11/3/2017 Research Forum: EmaA: Le Mysteres des Alignements HSRF 200
10/30/2017 Benjamin Prosser
University of Pennsylvania
Inotropy via cytoskeletal regulation HSRF 400
5/22/2017 Sam Walcott
University of California, Davis
Mathematical Modeling and Molecular-Scale Experiments Provide a Consistent Description of Skeletal Muscle Activation. HSRF 400
5/8/2017 Magdalena Bezanilla
University of Massachusetts Amherst
5/1/2017 Adam Hendricks
McGill University
Microtubule Associated Proteins and Bundling Direct Intracellular Trafficking HSRF 400
4/24/2017 Scott Stagg
Florida State University
Using High-Throughput High-Resolution Cryo-EM to Address Challenging Questions in Structural Biology HSRF 400
4/10/2017 Aaron Straight
Stanford University
Epigenetic Control of Chromatin States HSRF 400
4/3/2017 Elizabeth Smith
Dartmouth College
The Role of Calmodulin Interacting Proteins in Ciliary Motility and Assembly HSRF 400
3/27/2017 Chris Newhard
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Structural Mechanisms of the Myosin Converter that Set Load-Dependent Muscle Shortening Velocity Given C443
2/6/2017 Brenda Russell
University of Illinois at Chicago
Mechanobiology: Cardiac Muscle, Fibroblasts and Stem Cells HSRF 400
12/14/2016 Luther Pollard
Thesis Defense: Myo2 Motor Function in the Contractile Ring and the Regulation of Fission Yeast Cytokinesis Davis Auditorium
12/2/2016 Research Forum: Structural and Functional Dynamics of Tau HSRF 200
11/30/2016 Thomas Sladewski
Molecular Mechanisms of MRNA Transport by a Class V Myosin and Cytoplasmic Dynein. HSRF 400
11/21/2016 Michael Toth,
Muscle disuse as the facilitator of age- and disease-related muscle atrophy and weakness in humans HSRF 400