Upcoming Events in the Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Department

Date Speaker Title Location
10/23/2017 Melike Lakadamyali, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania

Past Events in the Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Department

Date Speaker Title Location
5/22/2017 Sam Walcott
University of California, Davis
Mathematical Modeling and Molecular-Scale Experiments Provide a Consistent Description of Skeletal Muscle Activation. HSRF 400
5/8/2017 Magdalena Bezanilla
University of Massachusetts Amherst
5/1/2017 Adam Hendricks
McGill University
Microtubule Associated Proteins and Bundling Direct Intracellular Trafficking HSRF 400
4/24/2017 Scott Stagg
Florida State University
Using High-Throughput High-Resolution Cryo-EM to Address Challenging Questions in Structural Biology HSRF 400
4/10/2017 Aaron Straight
Stanford University
Epigenetic Control of Chromatin States HSRF 400
4/3/2017 Elizabeth Smith
Dartmouth College
The Role of Calmodulin Interacting Proteins in Ciliary Motility and Assembly HSRF 400
3/27/2017 Chris Newhard
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Structural Mechanisms of the Myosin Converter that Set Load-Dependent Muscle Shortening Velocity Given C443
2/6/2017 Brenda Russell
University of Illinois at Chicago
Mechanobiology: Cardiac Muscle, Fibroblasts and Stem Cells HSRF 400
12/14/2016 Luther Pollard
Thesis Defense: Myo2 Motor Function in the Contractile Ring and the Regulation of Fission Yeast Cytokinesis Davis Auditorium
12/2/2016 Research Forum: Structural and Functional Dynamics of Tau HSRF 200
11/30/2016 Thomas Sladewski
Molecular Mechanisms of MRNA Transport by a Class V Myosin and Cytoplasmic Dynein. HSRF 400
11/21/2016 Michael Toth,
Muscle disuse as the facilitator of age- and disease-related muscle atrophy and weakness in humans HSRF 400
10/24/2016 Vikas Anathy
Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) in Allergic Asthma HSRF 400
10/17/2016 Sadie Ingle
MyoKardia, Inc.
From White Board to Clinical Trials: The Drug Discovery Story of MYK-461 HSRF 400
10/10/2016 Christopher Yengo
Penn State
Modulating Cardiac Myosin Performance with Small Molecule Allosteric Regulators HSRF 400
10/3/2016 Alasdair Steven
Protein-bound compartments: Variations on the theme HSRF 400
9/26/2016 Yan Yu
Indiana University
Embracing Asymmetry: Designing Janus Interfaces to Image and Control Cellular Dynamics HSRF 400
6/27/2016 Cristobal dos Remedios
University of Sydney
‘Super Relaxed’ Cardiac Muscle: Myosin-Binding Protein C has got to be involved HSRF 400
6/10/2016 Joe Clayton
Thesis Defense: Barcoding the actin track: Differential regulation of myosin motors by tropomyosin Terrill 108
5/25/2016 Christine Seidman
Harvard Medical School
Cardiomyopathies: Mutations, Mechanisms, and Therapeutics Carpenter Auditorium
5/16/2016 Gerardo Morfini
University of Illinois at Chicago
Clues from the squid revealed novel mechanisms underlying axonal pathology in Huntington’s disease HSRF 400
5/9/2016 Ke Hu
Indiana University Bloomington
The cytoskeleton and motility of an invasion machine, Toxoplasma gondii HSRF 400
5/2/2016 Filip Braet
University of Sydney
Dissecting the cellular behavior of colorectal cancer via correlative light and electron microscopy HSRF 400
4/25/2016 Ali J. Marian
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
‘Ariadne Auf Naxos’ and the Riddle of Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy Med Ed Ctr 200
4/11/2016 Thomas Maresca
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Mechano-molecular regulation of kinetochore function HSRF 400
4/1/2016 Research Forum: Investigating how one motor’s unique talents stabilize connections between chromosomes and microtubules HSRF 200
3/28/2016 Iwona Buskiewicz
Mechanism for coxsackievirus B3 persistence in the heart HSRF 400
3/21/2016 Julian Stelzer
Case Western Reserve
Integrative control of cardiac contractility by cMyBPC HSRF 400
3/14/2016 Christian Nelson
University of California, Santa Cruz
TRIP13 regulates robustness of the spindle assembly checkpoint response HSRF 400
3/8/2016 Gregory Hoeprich
Thesis Defense: The Role of Kinesin-2 in Navigating Microtubule Obstacles: Implications for the Regulation of Axonal Transport HSRF 400
3/7/2016 Dilson Rassier
McGill University
Skeletal muscle mechanics from myofibrils to filaments HSRF 400
2/22/2016 Alicia Ebert
FGF8 signaling is required for proper vascularization of the zebrafish retina HSRF 400