Research Focus

Molecular Motors, Intracellular Cargo Transport, and Heart Disease

The Warshaw Molecular Motors Group focuses on the structure and function of molecular motors and cytoskeletal proteins associated with biological movement ranging from muscle contraction to intracellular vesicular transport. Researchers still do not understand how molecular motors, such as myosin, convert the energy from ATP hydrolysis into mechanical work as the molecular motor moves along its actin track. Our approach is comparative; we study myosins that differ substantially in both their structure and functional capacities in order to match their cellular roles in biological motion.Additional insight can be obtained from genetically mutated motors and cytoskeletal proteins that lead to inherited forms of human heart failure.We use the power of molecular biophysics and single molecule techniques to characterize the molecular performance of the actomyosin motor.
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Parts of the above figure were modified from theĀ Myosin Home Page.

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